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for iconic brands.

We come up with ideas and produce unique content.

Our video campaigns are catchy, engaging and a whole lotta fun!

We craft a loose narrative to keep the audience hooked, while showcasing the iconic products of our clients.

When compared to our moodfilms, campaign videos have a higher budget and a more extensive pre-production process.

From a thoughtful set design to a multiple-day filming schedule, our campaigns are the way to catch your audience’s attention.

Golden Goose

The first day of a receptionist at the Golden Motel. What could go wrong? Check out our latest Christmas campaign for Golden Goose. Quirky characters in an unusual place...

| DIRECTED BY Andrea Calvetti | DOP Justin McWilliams | PRODUCED BY Nikola Tomanovic | LINE PRODUCER Molly Anzalone | PROD. COORDINATOR Sofrito Kiski | 1ST AD Anthony Wilson | PHOTOGRAPHY BY Elisha Knight | 2ND UNIT DIR. Isabella Hicks | WRITTEN BY Andrea Calvetti | EDITED BY Sofrito Kiski | 1ST AC Paolo Arriola | 2ND AC Sarah Rattay-Maloney | GAFFER Sven Van Ostrand | BBE Gabe Knoos-Newton | ELECTRIC Ethan Waddell | KEY GRIP Bradley Powers | BBG Val Tabian Jr | GRIP Nick Conroy | ART DPT Cody Webb / Justin Mulry / Ali Isaksen / Jordan Mederos | SOUND @anthony_g.6 | MUSIC BY Foster Pace | ARRANGEMENTS BY Wyatt Sanders | STYLIST Asia Xiong / Luca Galasso / Megan Soria | COLOR Elliott Powell | HMU Gregg Lennon Jr / Nick Lennon / Julie Kelaidis / Emily Taylor Hirsch / Bailey Stiles | WITH THE HELP OF Foster Pace / Brady Drobny / Alyza Zephyr / Jack Murphy | SPECIAL THANKS Phil Soulliere | STARRING Foster Pace / Collen Fazio / Lila Lebel / Vejay Kesh / Eden / Kandia Nziga / Robert Rexx / Catherine Pham / River Wilson / Jake Inez / Rod / Alex Noiret / Luke Tyler / Roberta / Mamo Banzai / Willy Choi / Tony Bang .