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We come up with ideas and produce unique content.

Our video campaigns are catchy, engaging and a whole lotta fun!

We craft a loose narrative to keep the audience hooked, while showcasing the iconic products of our clients.

When compared to our moodfilms, campaign videos have a higher budget and a more extensive pre-production process.

From a thoughtful set design to a multiple-day filming schedule, our campaigns are the way to catch your audience’s attention.

Golden Goose

A collaboration between director Andrea Calvetti and Courage Studio. The right place, the best company and a pair of classic sneakers... Now it’s time to pass them on.

| DIRECTED BY Andrea Calvetti | EDITED BY Maksim T. Kuzin | DOP Stefano Usberghi | PRODUCED BY Davide Caselli / Silvia Fusi (via Courage) | 1ST AD Lisa Valcarenghi |  GOLDEN GOOSE TEAM Flaminia D’Onofrio / Alessandra de Biasi / Nicolo’ Bottarelli / Enrico Mondelini / Valentina Catalano | 1ST AC Leonardo Osello | 2ND AC Romano Molter | VIDEO ASSIST Teresa Gusso | GAFFER Paolo Giovannetti | ELECTRICIAN Corrado Belli | KEY GRIP Daniel Diliberto | GRIP Mustapha Mezzi | PHOTOGRAPHER Federico Sorrentino | PHOTO LIGHTS Stefano Schiaffonati | DIGITAL STILLS Luca Truchet | VIDEOGRAPHY Martino Garrone | RUNNERS Tommaso Dall’Osso / Auke Roos | SOUND Alessio Sartori | SET DESIGNER Valerio Amadio | STYLIST Elisabetta Dal Bello | Gabriella Piluso | HAIR AND MAKE UP Simone Prusso / Elena Bettanello | CHOREOGRAPHER Roberto Altamura