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We come up with ideas and produce unique content.

Our video campaigns are catchy, engaging and a whole lotta fun!

We craft a loose narrative to keep the audience hooked, while showcasing the iconic products of our clients.

When compared to our moodfilms, campaign videos have a higher budget and a more extensive pre-production process.

From a thoughtful set design to a multiple-day filming schedule, our campaigns are the way to catch your audience’s attention.

OOF Wear

When you are stuck in cold weather, there's only one thing to do to keep your body warm - dance! An adventure that animation and live-action, created by the magic hands of Jonas Kalmbach.

| DIRECTED BY Andrea Calvetti & Sofrito Kiski | ARTWORK BY Jonas Kalmbach | DOP Francesca Pavoni | PRODUCED BY Nikola Tomanovic | 1ST AD Sofrito Kiski | PHOTOGRAPHY BY Francesc Planes | WRITTEN BY Andrea Calvetti | EDITED BY Sofrito Kiski | 1ST AC Matteo Canzano | 2ND AC Francesca de Rosa Saviano | GAFFER Giovani Sacchi / Gaetano Gagliardi | GRIP Giacomo Colombo | STYLIST Angelica Mingardo / Michela Timpanaro / Agnese Molin | COLOR Carlos Corresa / Dimitri Zola | HMU Gaia Dellaquila / Giacomo Marazzi / Mara Colombo | PHOTO ASSIST Luca Vittorio Toffolon | WITH THE HELP OF Pietro Brunelleschi / Roberto Girardin (Milano Studio) / Foster Pace / Francesc Planes | STARRING Foster Pace / Elisabetta Dessy / Nadir Cambarau / Anna-Laura Donatella Wilfinger / Federico Aldave / Marusya / Candida / Beatrice   .