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We come up with ideas and produce unique content.

Our video campaigns are catchy, engaging and a whole lotta fun!

We craft a loose narrative to keep the audience hooked, while showcasing the iconic products of our clients.

When compared to our moodfilms, campaign videos have a higher budget and a more extensive pre-production process.

From a thoughtful set design to a multiple-day filming schedule, our campaigns are the way to catch your audience’s attention.

OOF Wear

Warm breeze and long wished sun rays. Andrea Calvetti collaborated with OOF Wear to create this fashion film, shot in iconic Palm Springs, California.

| DIRECTED BY Andrea Calvetti | EDITED BY Maksim T. Kuzin | STARRING Kimiko Singer / Lila Lebel / Bodhi Brooks Porchia / Mollie Papouloute | DOP Mack Fisher | PRODUCED BY Phillip Soulliere (via Stray Dogs Film) | 1ST AC Olivia Aquilina | GAFFER Justin McWilliams | KEY GRIP Kevin Paniagua | STEADICAM Luke Rihl | COLOR BY Sam Howells | MUSIC BY Fiendsh | STYLIST Francesca Gabrielle | MAKE UP Nick Lennon | HAIR Gregg Lennon Jr | SPECIAL THANKS Steve Pietrangelo