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We come up with ideas and produce unique content.

Our video campaigns are catchy, engaging and a whole lotta fun!

We craft a loose narrative to keep the audience hooked, while showcasing the iconic products of our clients.

When compared to our moodfilms, campaign videos have a higher budget and a more extensive pre-production process.

From a thoughtful set design to a multiple-day filming schedule, our campaigns are the way to catch your audience’s attention.

OOF Wear

High-stakes, speed and thrill – welcome to the OOF Winter Games! This OOF Wear x OYE! project involves fireworks, paper stunts and a coffee-fuelled TV host. Bang!

| DIRECTED BY Andrea Calvetti & Maksim T. Kuzin | DOP Francesca Pavoni | EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Nikola Tomanovic | OOF TEAM Laura Castellucci / Martina Covre / Angelica Mingardo / Martina Bellinato | CONCEPT BY Andrea Calvetti | EDITED BY Maksim T. Kuzin | 1ST AC Marijana Brajkovic | GAFFER Michele Traina | KEY GRIP Marco Licitra | GRIP Davide Cancian | ELETTRICISTA Tommaso Dabalà / Borut Jalševec | DRIVER Tadej Brancelj | COLOR Sam Howells | SET PHOTOGRAPHY Lorenzo Serafini | ART DEPARTMENT Stefano Frare / Maurizio Granati | WITH THE HELP OF Edoardo Calvetti / Patrizia Spinato / Italo Boschiero / Alex Girones / Gerry Bulldozer Man / Carmencita Film Lab | STARRING Manuela Ba / Sergio Calvetti / Eliza Constantinescu / Paula Cunha / Biba Fall / Valeria Molyboha / Anastasia Sazonova